When I was a kid.....

I had once started this post long back when I had just joined office, but I had felt it wasn't turning out good enough to be posted. I had once heard people's taste in my profession degrade over time, and that, as I have started to believe recently, is very true. The end result is me digging out this post and pasting it on my blog. The rest is for you to decide.

I'll be honest. I picked up this idea from someone. But my blog is almost dying, thanks to my job and lack of a personal computer. I had never realized before how significant the word "personal" in a Personal Computer is.

This basically is a collection of a few things I did as a child. To be truthful (again, the second time), I can't recollect most of these memories; I have only heard stories about them. That way this isn't exactly a personal experience (The word "personal", again!)

Some of these stories involve two other characters - my sister and the housemaid. The housemaid loved to sleep and as you would have guessed, in most of the stories, she was in the snoring state.

  • I once tried to crawl down the stairs while mom and dad were off to work and the maid was snoring. My sister who was barely a year and a half elder clung to me at the top. Before her strength ran out, mom arrived on the scene and saved the day. The incident is narrated to this day in my family as an example of how caring my sister was. *wink*

  • This was before the maid had onboarded in the family. My mom had to leave for work, and there were people around who could look after me but could not attend full time. So my mom would loosely tie my legs to a window beside my camp bed. She had calculated that if I pee-ed it would trickle down and the bed could be washed perhaps. But one day I pooped, and my mom returned to find that I had played body lotion with it. Some of it, had also been taken for mouthwash!!

  • After I had barely learnt to walk, I managed to sneak out one day. I saw a cow on the way and challenged him head on with a little straw I had picked up somewhere. He took it seriously and pushed me to the ground. He then raised his foreleg to stamp me and that was the closest I have been to near death, dear GOD. But then he decided otherwise and left me alone. My Dad watched the whole show from a distance, too stunned to move.
I do have a personal computer now, and now that I have it, I respect it all the more. That would be all, I guess.