Two mistakes of my life

Hello blogging world!!

I'm back. After a hugely successful stint in the college technical festival, INSTRUO as Internal Coordinator. This would rank amongst the most satisfying experiences of my life.

As a part of the package, comes the hype and the recognition. Only to dwindle and die away with time. Not that I'm complaining one bit. Yeah, I impressed lots of people. And as usual, none of them were girls. *wink*.

But that's something I will talk about some other day. Today, with the Instruo experience and the anticipation of the cultural fest just around the corner, I want to talk about something entirely different. I want to talk about the two mistakes of my life.

I would have loved a better physique. With an imposing physical appearance, some things would have been far easier.

I should have learned some music. That's one area I have never explored. Except listening to music; some idiots call that a 'hobby'.

Perhaps its too late to amend these mistakes. Perhaps its never too late. Only time can tell. Instruo pictures coming soon.


яノςんム said...

good to know it was gratifying enough :D
and for mistake 1, dint i always tell u the same :P
oh i guess tht must b for security purposes :D

mistake 2, it isnt late...

Anonymous said...

its never too late in life for any thing..!!
any way..good work!! nice blog!!

abhi said...

Congrats for implementing the majestic task of the Internal co-ordinator with grace nd ease..Instruo rocked!!!

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Richa:

Mistake 1 isn't all about security, hehe. More to do with bullying *wink*.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Saurabhsugandh:

Thanx buddy. Glad to learn that you liked my blog.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Abhi:

Thanx pandey, Instruo did rock!!
It was all because you believed that I would do well :D.

Anonymous said...

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