What is Success?

- Success.

- What is Success?

- Who is supposed to define what success is?

- Some hot-shots would say linkedin.com is a success.

- I would say linkedin is dumb.

- I am aware that linkedin is valued in billions of dollars.

- There was time when I was little and innocent and what I do today was success.

- There could be a time when what is success today will no longer be success.

- That is, if I get there.

- Does Bill Gates feel the need for more money?

- I am pretty sure the rest of the people on this planet do.

- Who is Successful?

- Is he delusional?

- How happy is he?

- What the heck will he do now??????????


Richa said...

That Jobless eh?

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

A dig at the post quality, :P eh?