The search is ON

The UNIX desktop search facility is almost complete. At least I'm in a position to release the first edition of the utility in about a week's time( optimistic view ). For those interested, this blog is going to sport a download button very soon. Do keep me posted about any bugs or suggestions, they are going to be very helpful ( do understand that I'm still an undergrad student ). So what are the features that I would be providing?? Not much really, people would need to wait for features. Right now, all that I offer are:-

1. A simple search utility that would search your local disks for files, by name only( non -indexed, no content searching ). Format searching is supported, i.e. *.jpg and *ash*.jpg* are all valid formats.

2. An indexed search utility that would also search for file names only( No content searching, yet again). Format searching would be supported as above. The entire file system can be searched within 10 seconds. (I'm no google, at least, not yet. )

System requirements are not demanding, as can be expected. 256 MB of RAM and about 50 MB of hard disk space would be enough.

All I need is to write an installer and upgrade the indexing process to a daemon process. All valuable suggestions and queries are welcome.

I've got a little problem with my sanity...

Yes, that's right what you are reading, it's no smart bluff.

I was down with typhoid for 10 days or so( the reason for my not posting for so long), and I feel my sanity was dented as a consequence. The day my temperature finally came down to normal, I sang in my croaky voice for the entire day!!. Now I hum or sing aloud occasionally, but that's something I've never done before. I wasn't deterred even by my frequent bouts of coughing and sneezing.

And one of my friends made a similar casual remark, God knows what's happening.

However my mom, being the eternal optimist that she is, assured me that the very fact that I felt something was wrong was reason enough to show that everything was fine. I hope she's right.

Well guess I would find out for certain in a few more days. I would keep this blog posted guys, so watch out.