What's up??

What's up, everybody??

The last few days have been quite eventful. I was depressed, I was happy, I was confused... life has been strange. I was burdened with responsibilities. And the burden will continue till the 12th of April, perhaps even longer. I hardly find to time blog these days. Sorry blogger buddies, I really could not catch up with your blogs through this time.

Life's strange. Through the four years of college, my hostel mates have formed my world. I have lived with them and I have dreamed with them. We have been sharing the highs and lows of life together. And I have never really thought about it. But when it is poised to end, it feels so empty inside. Because I know, with time and distance, we will gradually turn from buddies to college friends to acquaintances to long lost friends. It is bound to happen and there is nothing I can do that would change that.

I have always loved to be the guy in control, I like things happenning my way. When they didn't, I always knew that I had only myself to blame. But this one time, I feel so powerless. Whatever that I might have done, it would still be the same. And with cruel luck, no two of us would be relocating to the same place. In a matter of months, we would be scattered all over the country.

Life suddenly doesnt seem that rosy anymore. Add to that, worse things have been happening all this time. A friend got engaged and had to break up for no fault of his. That too in a week! I was always half misogyne, and I can slowly feel the circle comming close.
Whatever, there's always something to look forward to, and with the technical and cultural festivals just around the corner, I hope I'll be cheering up soon!


I sincerely feel that I should sketch more. But I don't. Maybe because I never saw any future with my little talent. Or it might be that I was more interested in science and technology. Whatever, though my career as an artist is over, there's no harm in wielding a pencil once in a while.

I'm currently trying to do one, so I thought a little bit of appreciation could help keep my spirits high. I posted my last sketch on orkut. Incidentally the last sketch was done around 6 months back and the one before that was around 4-5 years back, if not more. That definitely means I'm improving!

This one was inspired by Catherine Zeta Jones. All comments and criticisms are more than welcome.