A compliment and a tag

Divya called me a thoughtful blogger on the award function on her blog. The occasion was the birthday of her blog - Petals and Pebbles. Thank you buddy!

Richa has tagged me. I had to ask her what a tag meant :D, I'm really pathetic with some things. And since I had nothing to do, and the idea was nice, and Richa asked me not to let her down, I decided to do this tag.

Well, the idea is to list 25 things about yourself. It also includes tagging 25 people at the end, but I really do not know 25 bloggers, so its useless trying to tag them. So here I go.....

1. I'm absolutely non romantic. But I'm not interested in hiding that.

2. I really do not like to think of myself as non romantic. But since so many people say so, and they say there's no smoke without fire, there must be some truth in it.

3. I'm an insecure person. I believe everyone is to a certain extent. This I hide. I'm mentioning this on my blog for two reasons. 1. People close to me skip my blog. 2. I'm in one of my truthful moods.

4. I'm very lazy. Perhaps lazier than the laziest person you have ever met.

5. I can't say no to someone who has asked me for help. Even if I hate the person and actually do not want to help him.

6. Like everyone else, I like being admired and appreciated. But only when I'm absent from the room.

7. I still dunno what I want to do with my life. And I'm not sure if I would be able to find it out before I die. That's kinda uncomfortable.

8. I believe in logic. But then most human emotions are illogical. However, trying to look for logic in them often helps me rationalize my reactions.

9. I'm not sure whether I want a girlfriend. And I sincerely hope I do not, because I don't think the task of moving from single to 'seeing someone' is really desirable or smooth.

10. I would gladly give away an eye to have ripping muscles like umm... John Abraham. But if you ask me to hit the gym, I can't.

11. I'm not really scared of death. But it must be painless.

12. I keep forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and calling/messaging people. But they still mean the same to me. Just as forgetting to buy a bar of soap does not imply that you do not like bathing.

13. I do not trust people easily. And even when I do, I never trust them with my life :D.

14. If I were the richest man in the world, I would give away half of my fortune to charity. Not that I'm too interested in the philanthropy, its about clinching the world record.

15. I don't like it when the scientific community is not considered glamorous. Which as a matter of fact, is always the norm.

16. I hate artificial people. But I try not to complain when I have to bear with them.

17. I like staring at beautiful gals :D.

18. I absolutely adore golgappas. If only they weren't so girlish!

19. I live in constant fear of two things. I always have the creepy feeling that my ego is inflating and I'm turning into a snob. Probably because people with these problems are mostly blissfully unaware of it.

20. I find David & Victoria Beckham, Shobhaa De's blog, Deepika Padukone's beauty, Romance and Slumdog Millionaire overrated. No hard feelings please.

21. I cannot take NO for an answer. I would rather skip the question.

22. This one in so illogical. I dunno why but I feel very uncomfortable when someone reads my blog in my presence :D.

23. I'm an atheist. But I believe in the power of nature.

24. Something tells me that my blog might be boring.

25. I found it really tough to say 25 different things about myself.

Phew! This tag was difficult.

Could you please stop it?

I'm sure I would be heavily regretting writing this post in a matter of hours. But I will still go ahead.

It all started this morning when a friend wrote an orkut testimonial for me ( I still dunno what I'm doing on orkut, and why I haven't deleted my account yet. But the funny thing is that it does not seem likely that I would be deleting my account any time in near future). And he wrote the superlative about me being very intelligent and all that. It was still bearable.

It got out of limits when a friend remarked that I asked people for testimonials coz I was certain they would say something similar. Now that really freaks me out.

Sure, it feels so nice to be called intelligent. But come on, why do some people need to tell me the same thing over and over again? I mean I'm a lot more things other than intelligent. And there are millions of people out there who are far more intelligent than I am.

What really adds to this is that I have achieved nothing in life so far. Nothing worthwhile that can be written down on a piece of paper. I do not consider bagging 80% marks by starting off with the syllabus a day before the exam a feat, let alone an intelligent one. There are a thousand different tricks to do it, and I just know a couple of them. It rather seems a foolish thing to do, spending sleepless nights over photocopies and slides where I could have snored peacefully by just starting a week earlier than schedule.

So, every single time someone gives me that terrible compliment, I freak out. It gives me the creeps that the person is trying to flatter me. And given that so many people are prone to do this, it logically means that I'm flattered very easily. You see how foolish that makes me feel? I now know why a blonde doesn't like being called a blonde and a babe doesn't like being called a babe.

What can you do? Nothing really. Or if you want to do something, better give me a testimonial that doesn't have the words - intelligent, genius, thinker and like. It doesn't matter whatever else you write. I'll accept it and that's a promise.

P.S. If you have managed to read this crap till the end, I'm surprised. Do me another favor and forget what you have read.


We once had this poster on our wall with this pic of a tiger lazying in the grass and the caption

I would, if I could.
But I can't, so I won't.

That perfectly defines my state of mind on VDay eve.
Being the man of few words that I am, that's all I would like to say.

To My Dreams....

Life's weird.

It's been a month since I wrote something thanks to exams. All along, I had been planning to write that post. But one evening I watched October Sky and I am writing about something so completely different.

It's a movie about following your dreams. Dreams that sound so impossible that the world laughs at them. Dreams that do not seem logical, not even remotely possible. It's the story of a boy who dreams such a dream and then realizes it.

I'm not an emotional person, I never get too sad or too happy and cannot recall the last time I shed tears. But watching the movie got me so emotional that I'm writing a blog post about it. And guess what, the movie is no tragedy. It ends on such a happy note!

It was then that I realized that I'm a person who lives in and has always lived for his dreams. It's pretty odd for me to get so moved by a movie, but yes, I am moved. And why shouldn't I be? 'Cause a person without dreams is a dead person. Nature did not risk creating humans(given the havoc we have played with it), just because it wanted one more species that would eat, sleep, drink, go shopping, party and slug on in a job he never dreams about.

So, the next time someone tells you that your dreams are preposterous, stop listening to him. It doesn't really matter whether you live to see your dreams convert into reality. For if you can dream, you are better than every pathetic idiot who doesn't. And sometimes I hope I always had a dream to run after. Coz if I run out of dreams someday, what would I do?? Yeah, the society might consider me successful, but I would be no better than the labourer at a construction site who has forgotten how to dream. Perhaps we should teach them how to dream as well.


For dreams might not always make success stories, but they do make extraordinary stories.