Enslaved !!

The day was the 11th of September, 2008. It was a sad day in the history of progressive people, for it was the day when the great, indomitable, unconquered Mahul Bhattacharya formally sold himself to International Business Machines. And with that ended his quest and zeal to constantly innovate, create and design.

I have been constantly asking myself, why did I get this job??

I did not answer a single technical question in a selection process that lasted 13 hours. Can you believe that? Not a single technical question! This could well have been an interview for a receptionist or a call center executive.

Actually I got this job because all goddamned guys in the United States of America would charge the same amount that I charge for a month to work for an hour. I can think of no better reason than that.

Let's hope that 2-3 years from now the enslaved, unhappy, frustrated and weather beaten Mahul Bhattacharya would manage to emerge from the whirlpool of the IT industry to do what he does best- design and innovate.

It's not what he can or what he might do. It's what he must.