Why am I single??

Not many people ask me this question, but some do. This post is not an endeavor to answer them. Rather it is an effort to answer myself.

Now, I do not look good but I do not look ugly either. Since I was destined to study computers, God had decided to fit me into a skin and bones wafer-thin package. Other than that I am your pretty normal, average looking guy.

I'm certainly not Wilhelm Kanaris but I talk sense mostly and nonsense otherwise. I'm a bit geeky and some complain that I've this touch of a cynic, but gals can't possibly know that, can they??

I run on a tight budget but everyone knows that I would be earning the software big bucks, so that should not be much of a problem.

So to find the answer, let's dig a bit into history. After all that's the reason I had been made to study history in school, to find answers to today's questions in yesterday's problems. See, I told you guys I was intelligent!

Thanks to my wafer slim size and harmless countenance, I actually used to sit beside gals till class 5(What a miss!). I was too young to feel anything back then. But some more ripe guys started poking me because I sat beside gals. So guess what, I changed my seat and never sat beside a gal since!

By the time I did ripen up, the same honchos who had made me abandon my seat had girlfriends. Most of the better gals in my class were taken. Not that it mattered since it was something mom had warned me against and I always listened to her. (Not that I do not now, but back then it was like a disease). So I moved out of class 10 thinking that I was too young and should give myself more time. What a duffer!

Class 12. I'm no longer @ home but @ hostel. So I spend time sleeping and sleeping even more. I hardly get to school and on those rare occasions that I do, gals fail to notice, fair deal. I miss out again but friends promise me that once I get into an engineering college, I would start feeling like a playboy. God, I did believe them!!

College. My friends were probably right. But I made it to a decent college. Pretty gals do not study in decent engineering colleges. Those rare gals that do, have a huge queue of suitors. My wafer slim frame is too slim to get noticed. It's too late now. Unless you have a string of break-ups behind you(read experienced), there's no way a gal is even going to look at you. Once a loser, always a loser.

Some duffers still believe that once they join their jobs, they would get girlfriends. Don't you still get it guys?? See, I told you I was intelligent.

What?? Why did I never look for gals other than those in my school and college?? What am I supposed to do? Chat up with a pretty faced in the middle of the street? Or call up random gals in the middle of the night by indexing into a telephone directory? Think before you speak man.


Anonymous said...

Getting a girlfriend is easy mahul. But getting some one who loves you is very difficult.

Nice interview with IBM by the way. Congrats for the selection.

So when are you taking charge of the CE Kolkata meet?

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Thanks Mayur.

I hope you did not read too much into this post, all of it isn't very serious. But I'm single anyway. :-)

And yes, now that I am a bit free, I would certainly participate actively in organizing the CE meet.

Baadshah said...


Here is my write up for the Kolkata Bloggers Meet - 21/09/08.

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Regards n love