Remember what I said about guest posts? Now forget all that and read what blogger Richa says. Thanks Richa!

Reading Pranav's posts about the traffic and traffic policemen, I am reminded of a few anecdotes and irks on the road, I have been thinking lately to jot them down, so here they come...

Anecdote 1.

Day/ Time- I was in 12th standard, so it must be around 2001.

I had learnt to drive a car when I was in 10th standard and since I was not an adult, I didn't have my driving license, but still I drove, but drove safe :D

I had to drop my mom and chachi to the hospital for a regular check up (my chachi was expecting that time). The hospital is at almost 2 kms from my home, so I drove them and was returning alone, when I noticed that the traffic police had set up a naka in the meantime at the signal. Now I didn't have a license, and I was confident enough- they didn't stop women/ girls for checking, I stopped on the red light. Then, out of nowhere, a female shapata (punjabi vernacular used for hawaldar) appeared and asked me for my license. Well, I told her confidently, that I had left it at home as I was in a hurry, and my home was just across the lights, I could go back and fetch it and show it to her. But she didn't seem to believe me- (obviously why would she??)

I kept on trying to convince her to let me go, and meanwhile I saw other girls/ ladies moving towards their destinations without being asked for their licenses... why me? I thought!! She was dying to write me a challan, which I was convinced not to let her do... I asked her if she could let me go anyhow, and this was what she had been waiting for.. She said "eddan taan 500 rupaye laggne" (otherwise 500 bucks would do)... I was taken aback. I told her I didn’t carry that much amount with me and on this she looked at me helplessly and annoyed and mumbled "enni waddiyan gaddiyan lae k turi firde ne te jeb ch paise v nai rakhde" (this big cars they drive and keep pockets empty), I looked at her amazed. but then anyhow I were saved of the challan- thanks to a VIP's relative who was also a fish to the traffic police, but whose approach saved us all in the queue!!

Anecdote 2.

I am sorry- but offense intended at all those labor class bhaiyas who move on the roads, high on drugs, or whatever they do..

This one is not that old, but a 4 years back almost. Mom and I were on the road, I behind the steering. At a roundabout, out of nowhere, a cycle appeared on the road with the two bhaiyas- one riding and other one hanging on it (I pity the cycle). And since it was so abrupt, I could not see them and could not apply brakes in time. They fell off the cycle and the cycle too- on them. And those foolish bhaiyas, they got up, smiled- rather laughed, picked their cycle, mounted it and disappeared. I was left on the roundabout, scared that I might have hurt them, but as they went away, the peechhe wala bhaiya waved at me, and my face went red with fury!!! Gosh, what the hell!! I could have hit them... but their cycle saved them...

I still fell heat erupting out of my ears while I write this X(

What irks me on the road!!

  • The honking people on the red lights or in the traffic jams.
  • The auto rickshaw drivers who break where ever they like- whether it is a turn, or a traffic jam.
  • The spoiled brats who think the road was gifted to them by their daddy on their b'day.
  • The spoiled brats who follow girls.
  • Aunties who do not know driving.
  • People who don’t know parking manners.
  • The beggars at signals.

The list is not exhaustive!!


Richa said...

Well, thank you for featuring me :)

n i could expet ur views-comments-compliment-wonders on the stuff!!


Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Well, it's I who must thank you for coming over.

As for the post, it's very nice.

Just one req, pls don't call guys who follow gals "spoilt brats". It's nature that does the trick :-)

Divya said...

ohmegosh you see the traffic at chennai! people, esp on two wheelers have no traffic sense whatsoever.. as they say, 'baap ka road hai'. the rule is simple, you find a gap and if you can wiggle out your way, do that.. all other traffic rules are immaterial!

Kartz said...

Neat entry!

Heh heh heh... "The cycle saved them" :D

And yeah - it's but natural for opposites to attract Richa. ;)

Divya is oh-so-right abt Chn too...


lukkydivz said...

LOL was a fun read richa ;) thank god i dont beg at the signals :P

Pranav Kumar V said...

@1 : I was caught only one. In my 9th I guess. All I had was a tee and my PJs. Poor guy looked so pale when he realized it was a better option to let me go rather than even think about wanting to pull out something from me!! :P

And this is gross you know... for most of us, if there's ONE thing in life where we broke a law and, maybe, feet bad about it... its something to do with a cop, a traffic cop mostly!! Law-breakers!!

@2 : I've had good no. of falls from my bike but never the car. I kept saying this for 7 years and then... last month, I was driving Mom and Dad to my coach's place and didn't see a huge granite (say as big as a 15" monitor) lying on the road... and then flip.. almost.. lucky my dad is heavier than my mom and was sitting on the opposite side so we didn't roll!!

Guess what?? It was some cheapos playing cricket on the road and the boulder was their wicket!! Now why I am even supposed to SEE such a thing??!!

Anyways, see you when I see you...:)

P.S. Its fun to read that you're not the only one facing the same probs in this world. Saath dene waale bhi hai!! :)

Keshi said...

haha nice one Richa! so honest and funny too :)


Phoenix said...


i so enjoyed reading the first anecdote :)

really these policemen na..had some similiar experience too but the outcome was anything but happy..

Richa said...

@ Divya

yeah, two wheeler riders actually jump in from nowhere may it b chennai, may it be amritsar.. they r a headache...

Richa said...

@ Kartz
i know it soo natural to attract but troubling others with rough driving isnt natural n acceaptable u c :D

@ Divz
thnx buddy.. y wud u b at the signal??
thnk god!!

@ Pranav
:D i have been stopped only once then ;) n i too have had many falls from my kyne :D, shall write about them too, on bare twaddle well ;)

haan bai haan, u aint the only 'chosen one' ;) it happens wit everyone :D

@ Keshi
thnx buddy :) n m glad to see u back..


@ raka
oh thnk god ur outcome was happy :)

@ Everyone

m glad u came over n commented..

@ Mahul

i hope u dun mind me replyin to the comments:D

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Not in the least, it's ur post and it's ur responsibility to reply, time killer!