The pathetic post

What do you do when you have nothing interesting to write about? And when you desperately want to post something?

The answer is simple. You post something boring. :D

The college cultural fest was a cacophony of people, emotions, expectations and what not. That is why I love fests. From excited first years dying to get their few moments of on stage fame to frustrated fourth years scouting for pretty first year gals. Everything about a fest is big and interesting. At least to me. Students about to pass out getting all nostalgic and ending up in tears. I loved every moment of it, even that. Call me unemotional if you want to.

But what I noticed for the first time was a sound guy. Not a guy who was sound but a guy who was a part of the company that was responsible for the audio. On the last day, at around 3 am in the morning, I suddenly noticed that he was fast asleep in a big space behind the console. A rock band that called themselves STEEL and their fans STEELERS was performing, and that should give a fair idea of the decibel levels around the place.

That moment, I just tried to view things from his angle. What did a college fest mean to him? Another sleepless night, irritating high decibel amateurish music, sweating people who would jump rather idiotically to anything and everything that's being played and raise loads and loads of dust in the process. Think about it.

What meant moments of a lifetime to such a vast multitude of people, meant a plain frustrating day at work for him that paid poorly. Isn't it wonderful that such vastly contradicting perceptions of the same thing can exist in such a packed atmosphere blissfully oblivious of the others presence?

Life is damn interesting!


Mads said...

wah. nice post re.
its such a different and a wise perception of life :-w
really nice post.... :D

Mads said...

hey u got an award in my post...catch it soon \:d/

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Thanx Mads,
I know this is very very late, I hope you will still accept my thanks.