Escape route

Let me tell you a story.
Mr. X gets up at 7 every morning. He shaves and shits and drinks his coffee and showers and all that. He switches a few channels and catches up with the stocks on their ever crazy journey. By this time his kid is ready and Mr. X drops him off at school.

Beautiful Mrs. X. gives Mr. X a long list of what she wants for her household. She complains about that trip he had promised and how they should go out for dinner that night. Mr. X talks about how busy he is at work. Mrs. X understands nothing of what Mr. X does in his office. Mr. X leaves for office in his sleek car.

Days at office are rarely different for Mr. X. He meets clients and delivers presentations and attends office meetings where people talk at length about stuff no one is interested in. And he spends time creating those presentations debating whether to use 11 point Arial or Garamond 12. Mr. X brings back home some work and the stuff Mrs X had ordered. His kid tells him what he did at school and Mr. X feels guilty because he does not find enough time to teach him maths. Mrs X keeps complaining about this and that but on some days they have a pretty good time.

Once or twice in a year, the X's go out for vacations. They share their photos with their friends and talk excitedly about the trip. Sometimes, Mr. X goes out on office trips.

Growth for Mr. X means a bigger office and a better pay. Mr. X works not beacuse he is very interested in it, but because he has a family to support and a future to secure. On some rare nights Mr. X gets all nostalgic and tells Mrs. X about his dreams and fantasies when he was in college. Beautiful Mrs. X doesnt seem to connect much with all that.

You know what??
I'm calculating how much time I have before I turn into Mr. X. Except the beautiful Mrs. X part perhaps. Given the direction in which my career is progressing, it's just a matter of time before I turn into Mr. X. Where is the INNOVATION in my life?

This is not what I had signed up for when I decided to be an engineer. I need an escape route. Any ideas anyone?


яノςんム said...

lolz.. wat has happened to u??
as u always tell me.. follow ur dreams.. life is short!! :)

tushar dasgupta said...

life is made of glass and only!!!the term itself is alarming.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Richa:

Nothing really. I do follow my dreams, it's just that sometimes frustration does set in.

Thankfully, I'm ready for the battle again.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Tushar:

Well said.
Lots of dreams are definitely glass, but I live on with the hope that some aren't.

I wish I can continue doing that for ever.

Dhiman said...

Don't worry Mr X if you get into software industry then your life will be 'colorful' with onsite postings... green bucks and definitely a 'beautiful' Mrs. X ... (God forbid)then one day "recession" will hit your world and you'll be free to 'follow' your dreams ...but believe me you'll enjoy every bit of it...
BTW if you are wondering where did I come from well "Indiblogger" ..... where else you get quality readers ;) ...

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Dhiman:

Thanks for dropping by. I request you not to equate me to Mr.X so soon.

I do believe you but the thought that I will apply so little of the so much of technical stuff that I mugged up for four years nags me.

Btw I welcome you to come over again.

Suresh said...

hi....i wud say gud power to foresee.....