A chicken patties and a gal

Sitting on a bench in a railway compartment munching a stale hot chicken patties, it occurred to me that life was not fair. For example, the stale hot chicken patties that came without tomato sauce (courtesy a shop at the station) had cost me fourteen bucks. Not fair. First, the only place where I could find chicken was in the name. Next, the little square piece of baked or fried or whatever dough had cost ten bucks the last time it went down my food pipe. Which was probably 2-3 years ago. But then, this one tasted as if it had been fried 2-3 years ago as well.

My eyes darted to the pretty gal in the corner of the compartment. She was smiling at some apparent joke which her dull looking boyfriend had cracked. Not fair again. I was single, sweaty and grumpy while that guy was having a good time.

Life is also strange. Lets take the patties example. The vegetable patties is triangular while the chicken patties is square. I tried hard to figure out some apparent reason that could justify this fantastic choice of shapes. Probably the difference ensured that the vendor would not hand over chicken patties against vegetable orders as a mistake. I gave up thinking. Maybe I should have bought a vegetable patties instead. They seemed to sell more; that meant it was less probable that they would be stale. I have the best of realizations at the worst of moments. Life isn't fair at all.

Back to the gal. Perhaps I was a bit harsh on her boyfriend. If that was her boyfriend at all. I of all people should abstain from judging people by their looks. Its funny how we do the things that we expect others not to. Nah, Life is a weird and unfair concoction.

Why did the patties vendor sell me the stale stuff? He certainly did not intend to sell stale patties to me when he had placed his order. He was bad at inventory control. I remembered that they had taught me inventory control back in my fourth semester. Weird. I am a software techie who has a one in a million chance of ever having an inventory. They keep teaching the wrong guys. Our mathematics department had put me through a lot of trouble mugging inventory control. I wished they had spared me the trouble. The vendor selling the stale patties deserved it more anyway.

My thoughts were stopped mid-way by the gal. She stared at me. Or so I thought. I am never confident when gals look anywhere around me. A part of me tells me that I was the intended recipient of the gaze. The other part tells me that the gal looked at everything except me. By the time I make up my mind, the gals are long gone. No wonder, I was single and grumpy on that bench.

The train stopped with a jerk. The gal and her probable boyfriend walked out. I was done eating the patties. I realized that I had patties crumbs clinging to a substantial portion of my face. Even the bag on my lap had minuscule crumbs all over. I have never really learnt the art of eating cakes and patties. I took out my handkerchief and started to clean up the mess.


яノςんム said...

wow!! no i mean phew!! this is one of the random-est stuffs coming from you!!
chicken Pattie and a random girl and your thought train :D

and none can eat a pattie without messing up the crumbles.. i dun understand why r they made tht way :D

Mads said...

ROFL. too good a post. It was random and still well connected :)
i agree with richa's comment..no one can eat patties without having crumbs all over :P hehe..

Shwetz said...

Whoa! Were u actually eating?
I dunno who should I feel pity for..
The patties, the vendor or the bag!! :P

Daily stuffs make us think a lot, right??

Nice one...

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Thanx for the wow!

As far as the crumbs go, I'm glad to know there are other people who are the way I am.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Mads:

Glad you liked it. And welcome to the I-can't-eat-a-patties-properly club *wink*.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Shwetz:

You miss the one person you should pity most - me!

On a more serious note - you are right. Some of this was fabricated, but then the random thought train in each one of us is so fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Good to know about your blog. Trains invariably provide enough fodder for creative thoughts :)

Wishin' you all the best for the Indiblogger Award.


Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ roflindian:

Thanx for dropping by. Yes, trains do bring up a lot of thoughts.

Btw mine isn't really a humorous blog. I just nominated it on a whim. Thanx 4 wishing me luck anyway.

Shas said...

Keep it up. Looking forward to reading more such posts. =)

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Thanx a lot Shas. I'll definitely try, but my new job isn't helping much. Hope I get over it real soon.