Mr. X part two.

Ahemmm, ahemm, I'm blogging after...... lemme see.......3 months!!

Well, today's one of those rare lucky days, when I have nothing to do (that goes only for the next few minutes, touchwood) and I am still not worrying how I am supposed to show in my ILC(timesheet) what I was doing during this time.

For updates, the pretty gal who sits in front of me hasn't reported to work today(before you think I am that lucky, also consider that there are two wooden partitions in between, which incidentally are completely opaque ;)).
My Functional Manager is in Spain along with one Team Lead, the rest of the Team Leads are in a meeting, and one Lead who has just been back from Spain, has been offering Spanish chocolates to everyone around 30 seconds ago. Tell you what, there's nothing special about Spanish chocolates.

Well, so much for the Mr. X story. If you haven't read that, you might consider doing so here.

Well I am Mr. X now, except the beautiful Mrs X part, which I am sure you have already figured out. Being Mr. X, I wanted to add a little to the story.

  • Mr. X never lets a single chance to trash his juniors pass by.
  • Mr. X's manager and seniors; similarly never allow a single chance to trash Mr. X pass by.
  • As far as the current Mr. X in question (read I) is concerned, I got no juniors
  • Mr. X sometimes attends office parties where he feels like screaming his head off, let alone having fun.
  • Mr. X meets no clients and delivers no presentations. Instead he tests codes that other people have written (usually) and occasionally gets to write a few lines of code and modify a few lines of pre-written code. Incidentally Mr. X has discovered that the codes he deals with require absolutely zero imagination and no creativity.
The rest of the updates will follow as and when Mr. X finds time and finds updates *wink*. For now, Mr. X has to test the next piece of code. :-).

I do not expect many people to read this post, partly because I have been on an extended leave from the blogosphere and mostly because I never had many readers to start with. So, if you did read this post, you might consider offering Mr. X your sympathies.


яノςんム said...

May God Bless this irritated soul :D

Gaurav said...

The Great Mahul Bhattacharya reduced to such mere watchmen jobs is surely a concern for all us mere mortals. Or is it the surreal rise of this oft burnt phoenix again from ashes long dispersed in the Ganges(or is it going to be the Hudson) to become a cult literary figure who'd put pseudo humorists like Bhagat to shame ?
I can only contemplate and guess and in the midst of it hope to scratch a few rusts off this copper coin. But on a more serious tone, a hegemonic rise of "A Talented Insider inside an Organization"(My unimaginative guess at the title of his soon to be bestselling book) seems something to look forward too.

P.S: Hope the updates are faster than than the verbal barrage you have oft subjected us "juniors" to. And yeah, I pre-order an autographed special edition of this book!!

Mou said...

Oh my my !!! Poor you !
U wanna know my solution??
find a Mrs. X
It wud make mom happy too ! :P

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Yes, may God do that! I for certain won't be complaining.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...


Thanks for what I would call the most perfect example of "sprinkling pepper on burns" example ever possible.
I guess "How THE BEing conquered US" is one book that would rewrite publishing history. Looking forward to buying one, because mere mortals like me can hardly expect a copy.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Mou:

I would have definitely resorted to your solution, if only it had not made me far more unhappy than it would make mom happy!

Abhra Bagchi said...

hey...i was taken by surprise to see ur blog updated....i wud have offered u sympathies but really i m not in a position to understand ur situation..but i hope the genius is back ready for something big....