Does this happen to you too?

Does this happen to you too?

I was eating loads of street food, when someone commented that on the hygenic aspect of street food. In response I told everyone how I had a pretty robust digestive system ( Which I still maintain that I do), so that I could loads of everything and anything that I wanted. The next morning, everyone else is fine, while I keep shuttling between the room and the loo.

I tell someone how I efficiently wrap up my work on time, so much so that I never need to stay back late or go to work on weekends. All through that week, I do 11+ hours and also work from home over the weekend.

I tell my folks how popular I am in college (again I still maintain that I am still a recognized face in my campus, even though I am out of it now), and the next day they meet someone who has never heard of me before. The day I had told someone that I was good with mechanics, the graphics lab prof told me that teaching me graphics had been a complete waste of his and my time.

It's not a crime to brag once in a while, is it??


Gaurav said...

Well .. as for d popular with the college ppl funda, i guess u can direct ppl's queries to me on dis regard.
U r obviously more dn a recognized face in colg nd will liv on to be .. it ws jst an hour back i ws talkn wid aleti nd cmmntn on his single status when he said, and i quote "when such astronomical figures like mahul bhattacharya are single, what cn a guy lik me expect" !!

Gauri Mathur said...

It Happens!!

asmita said...

Yep happens all the time. But the way you have captured it - definitely does not happen all the time!

Shas said... is full of such dearies :)

Shimmer said...

yup! does happen, maybe thats y they say modesty is important. helps avoid such situations :P

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

hehe....does happen to me al d tymm...nice blog...