An alien's view of the world

It's an amazing place. 
The world is full of these living things called people. They are everywhere. In fact, there are so many of them that there is hardly room for anything else.

The people have decided not to live in some places so that other living things can live there. These places are called forests. Some people now pay large amounts of currency to see how these places look like. That practice is called vacation. When people go on vacation, they take pictures.

These pictures are exactly like one moment of the vacation frozen in time. People then edit these pictures so that they no longer look like that moment. Then they share these pictures with other people. The other people then say "Wow" and "Amazing". Then the people feel very happy and click even more pictures.

But enough about pictures. Let me tell you how the people live.

The people live in enormous concrete boxes stacked side by side on top of each other. People call them apartments. Every morning, the people get out of these boxes and sit in little metal boxes which can run very fast. These metal boxes are called cars. The metal boxes run on blackened strips of concrete called roads. These strips of concrete go from everywhere to everywhere so that metal boxes can run on them. Sometimes, while going over these roads, the metal boxes collide. This is called an accident.

Now there are so many metal boxes that sometimes they all get stuck. When they get stuck, it is called a traffic jam. When the people get stuck in a traffic jam, they get very angry. So they try to sneak into other sections of the road where they are not supposed to go. So the metal boxes that were supposed to go there also get stuck. This leads to a bigger traffic jam.

When the people get out of the traffic jam, they drive to another huge concrete box. This is similar to the apartment box, except that this one has smaller individual boxes that are open at the top. This concrete box is called office.
The office is made up of smaller individual boxes are called cubes. Each of the people is given one cube. Some of the cubes have doors. They are called cabins. Only some special people are given cabins. These people are called managers.

The people sit here and do an activity which is called work. This activity makes the people very frustrated. So they talk about how they want to stop doing that activity and make other people do that activity for them instead. This practice is called entrepreneurship. When people stop doing work, the managers tell them to go away. This practice is called lay-off. When people are laid off, they get very worried. So their friends tell them that they will get another office so that they stop worrying. Such friends are called good friends.

Sometimes the people also fight with each other. This is called quarrel. When lots of people quarrel, it is called war. When war happens, the people kill each other.
War happens very often. People mostly do war because they want control of a black liquid called oil. This liquid is used to run the metal boxes called cars that I told you before. I think people fight for oil because they want to run even more metal boxes.

Some people also fight because they believe in some imaginary all powerful creatures. So they hate other people who do not believe in the same imaginary creature that they believe in. This is called religion. When small number of people suddenly kill large number of people for religion, it is called terrorism. When small number of people kill large number of people for oil, it is called war against terrorism.