The unique job interview....

I've been really busy over the past week and miss blogging and stopping by at your blogs. This is an old draft that I felt wasn't good enough to post. But I thought I better post something so I dug it out.

My first and only job interview turned out to be really unique. Check.....

Now I had decided that I was going to go for the kill right from the start. It didn't matter whether I got the job.

So I enter the room looking more respectable than I ever have in my life.
Three men are sitting. (Thank god there aren't any ladies.)

MB> May I come in sir??

(Guy1, 2 & 3 in unison) Please do.
They point me the chair and I sit. They introduce themselves and say hello. I say hii.

G1> Yes?? can you be a bit louder please.
No one says that to me. I've always been asked to be softer, irritation seeps in.

MB> I'm sorry sir, I will definitely be louder from now on.

G1> What's the problem with your leg??
I realize that I have been shaking my leg. Now, come on, give me a bit of time to settle down, will you? I get really irritated now.

MB> It's nothing sir, I apologize again.

They introduce themselves. Then there is a pause, thanks to me.

G1>And you are?

MB>(Cursing myself. I shouldn't have messed this up) I'm Mahul Bhattacharya.

G1> Introduce yourself.

MB> I've been waiting for this one. Sir, I'm ..... from .....(college) . I come from a middle class nuclear family. I dream of of being an entrepreneur some day. I have good analytical skills, value creative satisfaction above anything else and love taking risks and shortcuts. I hate being on the taken path.

The men squirm in their seats while I pause for a breath. But the effect has been achieved.

G2> Risks and shortcuts??

MB> Yes sir.

G1> Tell me one risk you have taken that has paid off.

I fumble for a second. But only for a second. Then I'm back in control.

MB> Sir, this year the placement scenario in our campus has been dismal. But still I skipped all the companies that had confirmed. At one point, there were no longer any confirmed interviews left and I was yet to appear for a job. But look at it sir, your company did confirm and I was back in business. Today I will have a job and Samsung and Microsoft have confirmed as well. Now those very guys who had a job are regretting their decisions. That was a huge risk back then that has paid off now.

G1> Oh really? So which companies are you talking about?

I name one. He asks me why and I vent out the entire frustration of not having a job on that poor organization. He listens patiently.

At the end of my neat criticism, he reveals that he is an ex-employee. Bechare ne personally le liya. And it seemed that he would have killed me if he could.

In case you are wondering, yes, I still got the job.
All said and done, I would not have given him the job had we swapped places.


Richa said...

pure luck :P

Shwetz said...

Firstly, I thought guys adore female professors/interviewers/etc etc. You've surprised me :P

You are taken now... just be careful he doesn't screw u up later after you've joined in :P

one question: Weren't there any Technical interviews?? Was this it? :O

Jimmy said...

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Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Richa: Yep! It still hasn't sunk in.

@ Shwetz: Guys hate female interviewers, coz they intimidate us and we almost always screw up. But yes, we just love female profs :-). There was a technical part and something more to this interview, but u know it was way too boring to post.

@Jimmy: Glad, u liked my blog Jimmy. I will certainly drop by yours.