Resolutions can be really really tough to keep. But strangely enough, almost everyone I know resolves every now and then. As far as I'm concerned I've had a pathetic track record. Here are a few faux pas.

* I shall blog more - I started my blog a year after I had resolved to do it. And ever since I did, I have lost all peace of mind. 'Cause I keep resolving something that I never do.

* I shall study - More than the 6 days of exams in a 6 month semester that is. I know it's hard to believe but it's even harder to repeat the feat semester after semester, trust me.

* I shall work out - This one was the joke of the century.

* I shall call up my folks more often - Before you think I'm a thankless prodigal, let me explain. I really care about my parents and spend almost all my vacations with them. It's just that when it comes to calling up, I develop cold feet.

* I shall finish projects - Four half finished projects and another four that could only exist in my brain. How does that sound?

* I shall get a girlfriend - For my buddies, it's the joke of the century. For me it's the tragedy of the millennium.

* I will not forget those birthdays - Yep, it has been a long standing problem. But I'm the understanding types, i.e. I do not mind when people miss mine.

* I will stop bunking classes - It has been a long time since I came to terms with reality. I no longer bother about this *wink*.

* Early to bed and early to rise - Self explanatory.

* Stop skipping breakfasts - This I really want to. Not that I do not want the others :-)

But I tell you, I'm improving. You doubt? How about this? This post is a direct result of my resolution to blog more.


Divya said...

hehe.. i think i share most of these (except for a few ones like the getting a girlfriend part)
resolutions never work buddy, its one of those many phony useless discoveries/inventions like the tea cosy(if you want the tea warm, pour it in a flask!). you want something done, do it,.. why make an elaborate deal about declaring it first and obviously never sticking to it? damn i don't even remember what my 2008 new year resolution was!

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Divya:
Yep, resolutions almost never work.

I never declare my resolutions to anyone but myself, other than a few, like I will study, go to class etc.

But the interesting thing is that every mortals knows all of this but keeps making and breaking resolutions.

Another strange facet of the human mind, I guess.

Richa said...


all the best for all ur resolutions :D

i am vy bad at this as well:P

zoram said...

I've been there too hahah!...resolutions every year...always unmet lolzz!

Btw, y dnt u use sharing engine like Tell-a-Friend so that visitor like me can easily share ur posts with frens thru mails,IMs,blogs,socialnetworking sites etc...u cn simply register on Careful with the site type u d best : )

Mahul said...

Thanks Zoram for dropping by my blog. Let' see. After all, I've resolved to join.

whoami said...

hey thx mehul 4 da complimesnt...
newyz u seem to hv voiced my thots...especially da last two..

whoami said...

b/w i forgot to tell ya...tabularasa means a blank slate

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Well, I'm Mahul and not Mehul :D

tabularasa is a very nice name.....

As for these thoughts, probably most young people can identify with them.

Thanx 4 dropping by.