It's over.

It's over.
What is over??

Lots of things, actually. The last few days have been hectic. My quaint sleepy life was burdened with responsibilities, and I had to work for many more hours than I am comfortable. I missed reading the blogs I visit and I could not manage to write the one post I have been wanting to post for quite a few days.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a blogger friend.

A few more days ago I was chatting with the same blogger friend. It was after the Mumbai blasts. And my GOD, she was furious.

She was furious with the corruption in the government, she was furious about their vote bank politics, she was furious with the profit oriented media. She told me that she wanted to do something, perhaps take up matters in her own hands, perhaps join politics in her own way. She was hurt and so was I and so was the rest of India. It almost seemed that the great Indian middle class was on fire and the time was ripe to witness a historic change. Well, she was saying exactly what was on my mind.

I had almost forgotten everything until the chat a few days ago. In a flash, everything came back and I was tempted to ask her about her plans and what she had done with them. She replied that her normal life had taken over, she was busy with her projects and I saw that I was busy with mine. The great Indian middle class had moved on. And the Mumbai blasts were forgotten as another nightmare from a distant past.

How long has it been? Barely a fortnight. WOW!

Did we have another choice? Could we have done better? The blast has thrown unpleasant questions that we can't answer. How much more can we take before our fury actually spills over?

In time I will also forget these questions. And India would move on. Perhaps I'm getting too emotional. Perhaps it's a direct result of admiring the movie 'Hazaroon Khwahishein Aisi'. Perhaps.................

But what is also over is the extraordinarily long planned wait for me to update my blogroll. And I'm pleased to bring in Shweta, Richa and Divya. Oh yes, blogger friend, please don't mind. :D


Randeep said...

C'mon man.. Dont blame politicians for everything.. Its not good. It will destroy peoples belief in democracy.. N if it happens u know the rest na..

Coast guards failed in their duty

IB failed in finding the exact plans

Police failed in executing according to IB's informations

for all this people blame politicians!!!!

Its not easy to be a politician
May be people dont know it

well.. Thats all.. Even I hate telling politics.. ;)

Divya said...

something that quite a few of us having been voicing of late.. that we have already forgotten about the terror that had seemingly 'shook' the nation out of its roots. seems like the roots have sprouted again and attached itself to the ground for good.
how fickle be our minds!
and now they want a lawyer for the terrorist? hell, he has done a crime against humanity! shit!

as for the blog roll, thank YOU :) why would i mind at all???

Shwetz said...

man you reminded me everything!

Bdw, yes I am still furious. Things can never be forgotten. And my question to is Randeep.. Why not Blame the government? Aren't we not sued if we fail to pay tax? Are we not fined if we break the traffic rules?.. or should I say, people here can be bribed easily all because they give a shit to laws! And When it comes to them(govt) is this what we get(26/11)..If they themselves aren't strict about rules, what the hell do they expect from people? Tell me why don't these terrorists attack China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai...? China toh will blast them totally with their weapons! Saudi Arabia..kuwait.. they are all well known for their strict rules! I know people who's visas have been rejected nearly three times.
Yes, I am by full means going to blame the government. They can't provide the police with good ammunition and then they go around saying, 'bullets hit karkare in his neck and not on the lower body' Wasn't it told earlier that the bullet hit this CHEST not this Neck! And if places like TAJ, CST can be attacked, what about the stations like Andheri, Dadar?!!?

And Mahul, Life was always Normal, even then and even now, but thoughts and decisions have changed. I can't roam around showing that I am angry and frustrated. Whatever I said will be put into action. :) Hate living like a Coward!

Richa said...

i guess this is wat happens generally..

things get over like tht.. but it isnt the same this time, it is nto acceptable anymore, we r tired of being modest.. but bush-ing isnt a wise choice again..

there has to b improvement in the systems.. the political sys has to change, n only we can bring about the change, if we can feel it, we can bring it about..
its very easy to say tht politics is dirty like gutter, but cleaning the gutter is sumthn no one can get into..
but we need it to b cleaned..

n thnx for blogrollin me :)

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Randeep: You're right. We should not blame the politicians.We should blame ourselves for electing those mostly uneducated, corrupt, selfish liars to rule the country.

And do you have idea of the number of people that filter into India through the porous borders of bengal?? And that the ruling government supports the infiltration coz it adds to the vote bank. A direct addition to terror.

And you are right, those government agencies failed. And who gets to be at the top of those agencies? The people with "political connections", right?

I hope you get my point. If you still do not, you never will.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Shwetz

I certainly owe you an unconditional apology. But trust me, this isn't about you. For instance, I would have similarly replied had you asked the question.

And yes, we can't just go out and agitate every day. But how much can we do?

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Yeah Richa! well said.

And ur welcome.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Divya:

Oops this reply got out of order...
Ur Welcome.

And I didn't mean you when I said that. I meant someone else, now perhaps everyone wd know.

joyee said...

i felt that the news channels were focussing a little too much on Taj and Oberoi and much too less on what happnd at d cama hospital and the common man's life of so little importance!!the plight of the patients and others at the hospital must have been much more than the others...some had already been counting their days....they had to stop counting a little too early...

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

@ Joyee

Yeah, you are right. And one more thing, people have died in equal/greater numbers in terrorist attacks before. But this attack is so special. Why?? Bcoz the affluent and foreigners were targeted.

Perhaps we should also point one finger at ourselves. The blasts that are targeted at the common man never draw reactions so such proportions!

Anonymous said...

You commit an error. I can prove it.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Well sure go ahead prove it. I would love to be proven wrong.