Badam and Ra.One

[Consider reading this before you proceed]

Badam became very fond of movies in a very short time. So I decided to take him for Ra.One. As luck would have it, we reached early and Badam started asking me questions again.

Badam: What does Ra.One mean?
Me: It's a sci-fi movie. Ra.One is the name of a Robot.
Badam: So it means nothing. Finally a name that is just a name.
Me: Not really. It stands for random access one.
Badam: What is that? Are they connected somehow?
Me: Not even remotely. Dude, it's just a name.

[The crowd that had turned up was huge]

B: It seems to be a really good movie. So many people have come.
Me: You bet.
B: The acting must be amazing.
Me: Don't bet on that however. Heard SRK plays a Southie nerd who can neither manage the accent nor a believable nerd characterization.
B: Ohh, the story must be amazing then.
Me: Nay, the story doesn't make any sense.
B: Oh, I get it. It's sci-fi. The special effects must be great!
Me: I think everyone here has seen far better special effects; courtesy Hollywood.
B: Why are we here then?
Me: Dude! It's SRK! We have to prove he is bigger than Salman.
B: How come?
Me: You don't get it do you? Salman made a movie that didn't make any sense. It was a blockbuster. Now it's our turn to show them who the star is.
B: But it doesn't make sense either. Anyway, what are we going to gain?
Me: [exasperated]. You materialistic savage, not everything is about gain. There is something called loyalty. [I am furious by now].
B: [mumbling] I don't quite understand....
B: Okay, tell me what I am supposed to say at the end of the movie?
Me: How about this? "I enjoyed Ra.One. I don't know what people are complaining about. Anyway if Bodyguard can be a hit, so can Ra.One".

B: Did you read that on facebook?


Richa said...

LOL. you missed that 'Aryan to SRK while watching RA.One- papa jaldi ghar chalo, TV pe Dabbang aane wali hai' joke.
oh and RA.One does symbolize Raavan- the bad guy. ;)