The 5 step good "MBA student" facebooker guide

  • Try to request people to participate in at least one of your surveys every year (maybe twice). Do not forget to post a reminder (or two) saying how desperately you need it.

  • Try to post at least one album full of pictures where everyone in sight is wearing a business suit; no problems if it's June.

  • Try to give us some expert comments every time our Government is on the verge of making a much publicized policy decision. e.g. FDI, Nuclear deal. Preferably align with whatever the US/Europe happens to be pushing at the time; not that you will ever feel the need to do otherwise. 

  • Keep sending us some links to articles that happen to rank your alma mater favorably. If there happen to be no such lists (:P), try posting some which talk about some excellent initiatives that have been taken instead (hint: Dainik Jagran).

  • And last, but not the least, as an MBA student, it's part of your social responsibility to keep educating half-literates like me. So keep posting fantastic tidbits of knowledge filled with MBA jargons that make me gasp in wonder. Accentuate the effect by having your classmates comment in equally incomprehensible literature.

P.S. I never did an MBA. Nor am I an aspirant.

Do not get me wrong. I have but the utmost respect for people learning so much more. Just because I dropped out half literate doesn't mean I cannot appreciate that.

And any intended offence caused is humbly apologized for.


Gaurav said...

How many am I guilty of ?

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Atleast four of the above, I suppose.

Gaurav said...

Dude, cmon -

1. I have done it once - that too 3 years back :: Count - 0

2. Never done it, you can check now :: Count - 0

3. Have given expert comments, but only when catching up with you, never on fb, and definitely never pushing for any country :: Count - 1/2

4. Ha - again - never done :: Count - 0

5. Again, never posted :: Count - 0

Total Guilty Count :: 1/2

Cmon, give me some credit

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

1. How on earth does "I have done it once - that too 3 years back" count as a 0??

2. You shouted at an autowallah wearing a suit. Score yourself '5' there.

3. I'll leave that at 1/2.

4. I'll leave it at 0.

5. You always give us some stock market gyaan every time we meet. If you score yourself 1/2 for 3, this should be scored 1/2 as well.

So you score 7/5. Congrats!