Predator on Sculptris

I have been looking to do some 3D art for a long time now. 

Finally, I found something I absolutely loved.
Sculptris is free and awesome software for sculpting stuff. And after playing around with it for a day, here is a stylized version of the predator from the crap movie "Predator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (I hope I got his surname right).

Supposedly, this design file can now be fed into a 3D printer and I could have a small figurine of the guy. If I am able to spare the around INR 7 lakhs needed to buy the cheapest 3D printer possible, that is!

And finally, one in gold!!


Gaurav said...

Lagging behind on tech news - its now within $1500.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Cool, so get me one the next time you visit a country where staples sells one.