Crazy beings!

If you are not a nature lover, perhaps you are a person not at peace with himself. And you are not a nature lover if you are a person who doesn't love animals( not necessarily the PETA brand of affection though).
I'm an avid animal lover, and I just adore pets. Now my parents never allowed dogs and cats as they required much attention, but in retrospect, it meant that I had the craziest and weirdest collection I could have ever had. I had a collection of tortoises, all shapes and sizes of ugly birds and fish- both edible and the aquarium variety. But the guys which fascinated me the most were the squirrels.
I had an entire collection of them- once up to four of them simultaneously. They are a treat to watch, and i would often spend hours just lazying around watching their antics. They can be extremely playful with humans, require very little care and are ready to eat almost anything and everything that's offered. In fact they adore food that's oily and unhealthy for them.
I have done some of the craziest things with them. I once made a 200km up and down trip on a crowded local train with a squirrel in my trouser pocket. Another time I cycled for 2kms with a squirrel asleep under my shirt collar. I once even tried to give a nice refreshing bath to one, but was bitten in the attempt(the only time one of them did). They were no losers though. They chewed up the ends of my spectacles, tried their teeth on anything wooden and one shredded up a cherished globe. One even sneaked into the loo and managed to fall into the toilet seat!!
So if this has impressed you, get yourself a squirrel, i assure you will never regret it. I would just put up one request, DO NOT put it in a cage, cause they do not belong there.