I'm a misunderstood guy.....

Everyone says that, isn't it??

So it's no big deal if I say the same.

When I was a kid, my heart was an open book. I would say whatever I felt. So the world said, "Hey, come on, what is this sh** you are saying". They mocked me coz I said the unpleasant. It hated me because I would point out it's numerous flaws. I would praise myself whenever I felt like it. So, guess what, I became UNPOPULAR.

But I am no dumb head. So I found out what the world wanted from me. And I became that, I transformed myself into a non-temperamental, super-cool, self-depreciating slimeball. And whoa!! I am one of the POPULAR guys in college.

But now the world has a different problem! It says I am unemotional and heartless. Are you kidding man?

So what is it that the world wants from me??


Anonymous said...

May be u are rite... u r misunderstood..
but believe me there were flaws... sometimes u have to be someone that people expect you to be... well not for everybody... but at least for people who care for u or ppl u love urself...
and Oft u have missed being that.
Think about it.... :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa... Dont do that ever again!
Why do you want to be some one thats not yourself? I know its our tendency to be a person that the world wants to see in us. But thats so much against our dreams.

Be what you are. You are good that way!

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

You know what, you are the first person who told me this. I feel better :).