Yep, that's what I said 5 minutes ago.

Placements have started and I'm yet to get a job, yes, I'm unemployed.

No, I'm not that big a duffer as you might be assuming, I haven't tried any company yet. But you know what, it hardly makes a difference.

But there is one positive to it. My frustration levels are increasing every day and if I manage to use that to motivate myself, I might actually end up doing something worthwhile in my final year.

I have one unfinished project and I need to start another as a final project, its irritating. And yes, the GUI for the search engine is yet to start, though the rest is done.

And if there is anyone waiting for my software, I apologize. Laziness has come in the way of the software getting uploaded, but I will do it very soon.


Prasad said...

Hi Mahul, Need any help? I guess u r a part of CE. Why are you focusing on search engines?

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Sure kidakaka, I would love any help from you guys. Actually I dunno why I decided to start off with a search engine, maybe I just wanted to do something different than what the guys usually do in their final year.