The gecko on the wall.

Gecko on the wall, gecko on the wall,
are you wiser than us all??

We've been living side by side since so long,
Can't say about you, but I was really young.

I brought in a bright butterfly with zeal,
You ate it up and said," What's the big deal ??"

I was on cloud 9, dad had gifted me a toy,
You said,"Won't last long, neither that nor your joy".

I flunked my exam and I sobbed alone
You said,"where the hell has his sense gone ??"

My mates mocked and I was scolded by maa,
You said,"that's the best thing that ever happened to ya".

I fell in love, showed my gf my place.
She grimaced at you, and I went with her face.

You laughed,"Watch out, never go over the moon kid".
It was I who broke up, you never did.

I fussed over my work, I wanted more money.
You kept on saying,"Cockroach is sweeter than honey".

I fretted over my kids, you had six !!
Yet you said," Their life is theirs to fix".

And the time has come, time for us to die,
And you are alone, but so am I.

(P.S. Sorry, had to extend this gecko's life to about 5-6 times its original, hope no one minds.)

Crazy beings!

If you are not a nature lover, perhaps you are a person not at peace with himself. And you are not a nature lover if you are a person who doesn't love animals( not necessarily the PETA brand of affection though).
I'm an avid animal lover, and I just adore pets. Now my parents never allowed dogs and cats as they required much attention, but in retrospect, it meant that I had the craziest and weirdest collection I could have ever had. I had a collection of tortoises, all shapes and sizes of ugly birds and fish- both edible and the aquarium variety. But the guys which fascinated me the most were the squirrels.
I had an entire collection of them- once up to four of them simultaneously. They are a treat to watch, and i would often spend hours just lazying around watching their antics. They can be extremely playful with humans, require very little care and are ready to eat almost anything and everything that's offered. In fact they adore food that's oily and unhealthy for them.
I have done some of the craziest things with them. I once made a 200km up and down trip on a crowded local train with a squirrel in my trouser pocket. Another time I cycled for 2kms with a squirrel asleep under my shirt collar. I once even tried to give a nice refreshing bath to one, but was bitten in the attempt(the only time one of them did). They were no losers though. They chewed up the ends of my spectacles, tried their teeth on anything wooden and one shredded up a cherished globe. One even sneaked into the loo and managed to fall into the toilet seat!!
So if this has impressed you, get yourself a squirrel, i assure you will never regret it. I would just put up one request, DO NOT put it in a cage, cause they do not belong there.

Pressure got me one more time..

It invariably starts off a few weeks before the semester. The pressure gets stifling. Vivas, which I'm clueless about, a healthy bunch of class tests, piles and piles of lab assignments and a complete absence of books, class notes and hand outs. But the most frightening facet is perhaps the speculation whether i would successfully manage to give the slip (one more time) and sit for the exam with my way below the required attendance.

Why do i write this now??
Because today morning, the 14th of May, when i got out of bed @09:00 am, i felt i needed an anti-G suit to survive. I have a website submission lined up for tomorrow (multimedia), a monstrous accounting assignment, a rather laborious matlab assignment, an 8086 assembler to submit, three class tests and a grand viva on top of it, all lined up by the middle of the next week. And i haven't started on any of them (other than the assembler which is half complete). I have a 25% attendance in my management course which requires an attendance of 75% adjustable upto 50% (after much hankering and medical proofs).
But that is not the complete story. I further aggravate matters by my inaction about it. Perhaps i can do no better because the pressure renders me inactive. It's only when the pressure goes beyond a threshold that i start working again( i coined a term for it and its famous now but i cant post since it isn't parliamentary). At times is feel like running away. I don't, but that's only because i have nowhere to run to. Some of my pals would say that all this is crap, cause i have managed decent marks every semester, but I must say that it always has been very very close.

Are all engineering graduates actually engineers??

Engineering is undoubtedly amongst the most desirable undergraduate courses available. But I often come across engineers/engineering students who are into engineering for every conceivable reason other than the one reason that would justify it- They love being engineers. Well, it's definitely lucrative as a career option with all those heavy salaries and exposure and blah blah, but if it's not something that a person would have chosen to be even without that salary, then perhaps he would never be at peace with his choice. And as someone has rightly said, if you are really good at something, there will always be someone to pay you handsomely for doing it. So why waste four years of your life doing something your heart doesn't want you to??

All I need is to figure out my destiny.

Every man has his destiny. He may choose to ignore it, as most men do, but then he would be just another man. It's only when he chooses to follow his destiny that he achieves success( not essentially fame or money). I have no idea what my destiny is, but as Paulo Coelho would say, I'm trying to look for the omens.

There is a snob in all of us !!

There was a time when the creator thought that the world was getting too filled up with the same types, he decided to send a new type as an experiment, and i was born.
Soon people around me felt i was different, new introductions agreed with them and I felt I was kind of well.... umm...... a bit different actually.
So i decided to honor the creator by proving that his new experiment was a success, and failed miserably in the attempt, but the creator just said, "Why do u worry buddy??, You are a success. YOU ARE THE NEXT IMPROVED VERSION OF MANKIND!!!"