The unique job interview....

I've been really busy over the past week and miss blogging and stopping by at your blogs. This is an old draft that I felt wasn't good enough to post. But I thought I better post something so I dug it out.

My first and only job interview turned out to be really unique. Check.....

Now I had decided that I was going to go for the kill right from the start. It didn't matter whether I got the job.

So I enter the room looking more respectable than I ever have in my life.
Three men are sitting. (Thank god there aren't any ladies.)

MB> May I come in sir??

(Guy1, 2 & 3 in unison) Please do.
They point me the chair and I sit. They introduce themselves and say hello. I say hii.

G1> Yes?? can you be a bit louder please.
No one says that to me. I've always been asked to be softer, irritation seeps in.

MB> I'm sorry sir, I will definitely be louder from now on.

G1> What's the problem with your leg??
I realize that I have been shaking my leg. Now, come on, give me a bit of time to settle down, will you? I get really irritated now.

MB> It's nothing sir, I apologize again.

They introduce themselves. Then there is a pause, thanks to me.

G1>And you are?

MB>(Cursing myself. I shouldn't have messed this up) I'm Mahul Bhattacharya.

G1> Introduce yourself.

MB> I've been waiting for this one. Sir, I'm ..... from .....(college) . I come from a middle class nuclear family. I dream of of being an entrepreneur some day. I have good analytical skills, value creative satisfaction above anything else and love taking risks and shortcuts. I hate being on the taken path.

The men squirm in their seats while I pause for a breath. But the effect has been achieved.

G2> Risks and shortcuts??

MB> Yes sir.

G1> Tell me one risk you have taken that has paid off.

I fumble for a second. But only for a second. Then I'm back in control.

MB> Sir, this year the placement scenario in our campus has been dismal. But still I skipped all the companies that had confirmed. At one point, there were no longer any confirmed interviews left and I was yet to appear for a job. But look at it sir, your company did confirm and I was back in business. Today I will have a job and Samsung and Microsoft have confirmed as well. Now those very guys who had a job are regretting their decisions. That was a huge risk back then that has paid off now.

G1> Oh really? So which companies are you talking about?

I name one. He asks me why and I vent out the entire frustration of not having a job on that poor organization. He listens patiently.

At the end of my neat criticism, he reveals that he is an ex-employee. Bechare ne personally le liya. And it seemed that he would have killed me if he could.

In case you are wondering, yes, I still got the job.
All said and done, I would not have given him the job had we swapped places.

Blogosphere fever

This had to come, I was itching to get into this controversy.

The blogosphere is currently suffering from a serious bout of guest post fever.

Why guest posts??

* Everyone has a blog, at least everyone who writes a guest post on someone's blog. Well, almost everyone.

* I haven't seen many guest posts, only invitations for them. *wink*

* A blog/web log is supposed to be a dairy on the web. Do you invite others to fill up your dairies? That's the purist view.

* Amitabh Bachchan's blog does not host guest posts. Neither does Aamir's , Salman's or Sobhaa's. Nor do the celebs write any guest posts. Ain't we supposed to ape them?

* At the end of the day, isn't this just a way to show off how popular your blog is?

To tell the truth, I have run out of reasons now.

But also consider that......

* Someone might want to write something about something on someone's blog.

* I haven't read many blogs. I might be missing.

* A web log is not exactly a diary. You do not show your diaries to people.

* Amitabh Bachchan's blog is boring. Sorry Sir, I hope you will understand.

* I have an unpopular blog. Grapes are sour.

* I find the idea pretty interesting.

So maybe I would like to host some guest posts myself. Someday when I'm confident that some people would be interested. Till then, I'm happy criticizing.

November post

It's my first post of November.
I'm a bit disturbed, and there are a lot of things going on in my mind. Here are a few.

* I'm a lazy blogger.

* I write extremely poor book reviews. Hope I refrain from writing another.

* No one visits my blog. Well, almost no one.

* At my current rate of adsense returns, it'll be 50 years before I receive my first cheque. If google keeps the amount fixed at $100, that is.

* A lot of hits can be traced to a comment I wrote on someone's blog. Maybe I should start commenting generously on the blogosphere.

* People aren't downloading my new pdf tutorial (How to assemble a PC).

* Almost 75% of my total hits(counter at the bottom) are my handiwork. *grin*

* It's been months since someone scribbled on my cbox. If you are unfortunate enough to be reading this post, you know what I would be asking for.

* I'm clueless about my reaction on Obama winning the election.

* I'm tired of writing this post.

So, bye.