I haven't been posting for quite some time, but that's not because I did not find time to post( in spite of my sems being on, that is). Actually it's because I did not have the liver to post. Three exams dealt with, and they went off quite well. In fact it was better than I had reason to expect. But there are still four more to go, and Digital signal processing isn't over yet. Thanks to the strike in the city, I am enjoying an extended break which adds one more to the reasons why I love Kolkata. But it also means that I would need to put off my trip back to sweet home which adds one more to the reasons why I hate the city. I am confident that I wont manage to sit down amongst books for at least two days out of the five day break, so I hope can use some of the time to work on my projects. Placements are just a month off and I have planned to complete two pending projects before that, so I would better move ahead with some of the work.
The other evening I was chatting with a friend and the discussion hovered up to power and the powerful. As is the case with lots of other places, we have quite a bit of power politics going on around here. I came up with a definition of power and in retrospect, I am quite pleased about it. I defined power as the ability to influence fellow men to act in a manner in which they would not have acted under other circumstances. And I classified it into power that originates due to something that is mundane and something that originates from the force in a man's personality. The former type of power might not last for ever because the advantage might be lost. But the force in a man's personality is an attribute that is perhaps destined to be with him for his entire life, if not more.