The monsoons are here!!

Yes, there's no escaping it, the monsoons are here. I might sound wooden and unromantic but I do not like it. I have never loved the rains.

It gets humid and I hate the damp that comes with it. It makes me want to go for a walk when its raining cats and dogs, which I can't and that frustrates me. I wear leather floaters and they suffer in the water and the dirt( I hardly get to use private transport ). I have skinny legs and I hate it when they stick out under my rolled trousers. Then there's the usual battalion of bugs to deal with. And I just detest tagging an umbrella along wherever I go, let alone using one. The gloom in the season just puts me off. I could list a hundred reasons.

But I hate the monsoons because it makes me go weak in the knees. It creates a void in me, a gaping aching hole that no one or nothing would fill. I've never managed to get used to it. And it's a feeling that I want to run away from, I fear it so much. Normally I'm a guy in control, a happy guy without a care in the world. And I do not want to be anything else.

I fear that one rainy day, I might fall in love. Putting it otherwise, if I ever fall in love, it would probably be on a rainy day.