I'm happy at last!!

Yeah, I'm happy today. My search program is working with its index. Indexing is really painful, it takes around two hours to index the entire file system in my machine. Searching is still painfully slow by industry standards, but yes, it works! It took around 4 seconds to list all the .jpg files in my system. I dared to speculate that the google desktop search would take less than 0.5 seconds. Yes, lots of guys more experienced than most of my profs work on their projects and get paid for it as well, but still, I gotta do better. I say so cause deep inside me, I feel I can bring down the time. A lot still remains to be done, the volume of pending work is huge. Google indexes content, pictures, music, media and more. And I've just been indexing names. But, picture abhi baki hai mere dost!. And the Satan in me (the guy's real powerful), says that people really never search content in a desktop file system *wink*. But I will do it anyway.
Right now I must fine tune the indexer, it must keep running on(rather than running just once as it now does), restrict its RAM usage(it hardly runs like a background process these days), and move on to multilevel indexing and also introduce search options with flags. I would love an API. If only someone were to gift me one, I could do anything for the guy. And I need one more brainwave. Maybe I should try more visits to the loo, yes, that's where I get most of my brainwaves *guffaw*.