To My Dreams....

Life's weird.

It's been a month since I wrote something thanks to exams. All along, I had been planning to write that post. But one evening I watched October Sky and I am writing about something so completely different.

It's a movie about following your dreams. Dreams that sound so impossible that the world laughs at them. Dreams that do not seem logical, not even remotely possible. It's the story of a boy who dreams such a dream and then realizes it.

I'm not an emotional person, I never get too sad or too happy and cannot recall the last time I shed tears. But watching the movie got me so emotional that I'm writing a blog post about it. And guess what, the movie is no tragedy. It ends on such a happy note!

It was then that I realized that I'm a person who lives in and has always lived for his dreams. It's pretty odd for me to get so moved by a movie, but yes, I am moved. And why shouldn't I be? 'Cause a person without dreams is a dead person. Nature did not risk creating humans(given the havoc we have played with it), just because it wanted one more species that would eat, sleep, drink, go shopping, party and slug on in a job he never dreams about.

So, the next time someone tells you that your dreams are preposterous, stop listening to him. It doesn't really matter whether you live to see your dreams convert into reality. For if you can dream, you are better than every pathetic idiot who doesn't. And sometimes I hope I always had a dream to run after. Coz if I run out of dreams someday, what would I do?? Yeah, the society might consider me successful, but I would be no better than the labourer at a construction site who has forgotten how to dream. Perhaps we should teach them how to dream as well.


For dreams might not always make success stories, but they do make extraordinary stories.


Richa said...

new template looks pretty nice :D

and movies are emotions elevated to a level tht fits all :P

ill get this movie and for the time being, u get 'the pursuit of happyness' if u havent watched it till

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Ur responsible for the template, and I don't really like this one that much.

Yeah get 'October sky'. Meanwhile I'll see what I can do about pursuit of happiness.

Shwetz said...

Hey Buddizzz.. ;)

Want another heart-winning-emotional-movie?
Watch 'A Beautiful Mind'.. incase u haven't seen it. If u have, you would know what I mean! Its awesome!

PS: Please change the date sequence in your settings, to make it appear on the header in the square-ish area.
Hopefully it will look better :P

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Yeah, I still haven't watched beautiful mind at one go. I guess I should.

The date sequence should change, it was as you say in the template screenshot. But there's a problem and I'm too lazy to correct that. But I will, for sure.:D

Divya said...

but what happens to those dreams that don't come true? :(

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

They hurt all right.

But if you stop dreaming coz ur dreams never came true, you are never going to have the one dream that is going to come true.

It's all about what u want to choose.