High profile fundraisers

(This post is directly inspired by Big K's criticism about the recent fundraiser, Rock on for humanity.)

This is perhaps, a very cynical and obtuse view of high profile fundraisers. But after you are through with this article, (assuming you are patient enough to bear with my crap), if you feel that there is an iota of sense in what I've put down, I would consider myself successful.

Let us consider an example. Suppose you have a big event organized for raising funds for homeless children. Let me list the beneficiaries:

1. The Event Management Company - Does a contract worth lakhs, if not crores. At a sizeable profit, needless to say.

2. The Politician - He gets some money(under the table, of course) to allow the event in his area. Also, gets the opportunity to campaign for free and a few front page Ads showcasing his generosity. I'm not considering the nominal five star lunch and drinks.

3. The big Bollywood star - Performs at the event at a "reduced" fee. Means more of tax free "under the table" income. Also gets to popularize his newest movie and it's music. And also gets to brag about his social awareness.

4. The Revelers - Have fun @ Dad's cash - Now that hardly hurts. Also get to go high on booze, sex and drugs after the gala. All in the name of homeless children.

5. The wannabes - Get to rub shoulders with the bigwigs and free publicity before the biggies come on stage.

6. The socialites - Get to look for their next boyfriend / girlfriend. Am I stretching this too far? Come on, every cricketer meets the sexy starlet at some fundraiser. At least that's what they all say.

7. The NGO - Whatever little money is left after all this economics has been considered, goes to an NGO. Half of them are corrupt and almost another half are grossly incapable.

Now come the homeless children. Don't worry, the rest does go for their upliftment.

We do care about homeless children, don't we?


Richa said...

we do care about homeless children..

but after all it is apublicity stunt..

n u forgot the the telecasting copyrights they sell to tv channels..

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Yeah, good point.

So many people make moolah, I really forgot. :D

sormita said...

Is there anything left after so much of "share" division for the actual needy,same thing happens with events like marathon(Mumbai Marathon etc).

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

That's exactly the point I've been trying to raise. Thanx 4 ur valuable comment.

Mads said...

good post. wish we cud do something to stop this rubbish and really help the orphans etc. who need it the most....